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Carl has seriously pursued photography for the past 10 years. He bought his first SLR camera in 1979 with money received from his employer for a wedding present.
Carl has exhibited extensively in Springfield venues including The Busch Municipal Building, Hammons Performing Arts Center, The Nature Center, The Well Fed Head, Waverly House Gifts and Gallery, The Hawthorne Gallery, the Springfield public libraries and various other businesses in the area.
Carl is a member of the Southwest Missouri Camera Club,
Carl’s achievements include various awards in juried.competitions in the Southwest Missouri Camera Club, juror’s choice awards in the Springfield Visual Arts Alliance juried competitions and various awards in the Salute to Construction photo competitions.
Carl’s special photography interests include landscapes, architecture, and bridges. His subjects also include manipulated colorful abstractions with a hint of surrealism and symbolism. Carl said “I became seriously interested in photography as a record of my explorations in the natural environment of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. I soon found that the hiking trips had become secondary to the photography.
The thing I love about photography is that it sharpens my visual and emotional sensitivity to the world around me. The camera lens acts as a conduit to see beyond the mundane and focus on the beautiful interplay of light and space.”

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Elephant Rock State Park, MO

Pink eroded granite domes near Belleview, MO

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